Thursday, December 17, 2009

Character Animation Final Project

This was my final project for my Character Animation class. This was my first time animating a lip synch. It was a completely new experience for me. I want to go back and fix it up but I may just decide to utilize what I learned in an entirely new lip synch/animation. Character Animation has been my favorite class I've taken at the Art Institute.

Character Animation Assignments

These are playblasts of some of my most recent animations. They were assignments for my recently completed Character Animation class with Floyd Bishop. Eventually I want to go back and fix some of the problems in these.

This was out first assignment; to have the character turn around 180 degrees.

The second and third assignments were a walk cycle and a run cycle.

The next assignment was to have the character jump.

This my project for the heavy lift assignment. It was my first time animating two characters interacting with each other.

Old CG Animations

Here are some CG animations I did in the past.

This first one is a basic animation exercise. It's just a bouncing ball with a tail.

This one was an assignment where I had to animate the claw somehow getting the ball into the box.

Here is a playblast of an assignment where I had to animate a lamp.

This last one happens to be my very first CG walk cycle ever.

Some Old Animations

These are some old, 2D animations I did for one of my classes a little over year ago. I did a lot more animations but these are the better of the ones I could find.

This first one is a walk cycle of a kid listening to music.

This one was for an assignment where we had to have a bird dive into water.

I animated this when the assignment was to have someone or something dodge a ball.

This last one was for an assignment where someone had to throw a paper plane.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Advanced Material & Lighting Final

This was my final project for my Advance Material & Lighting class. The assignment was to light the scene as if it was lit by candle light and apply textures to all the surfaces. I had a hard time using subsurface scattering for the candlesticks. I put a picture of Michael Jackson in the frame because his jacket matched my color scheme.

Background Design & Layout

I just posted some Photoshop matte paintings I did for one of my classes. We had to take photographs, enlarge the canvas and create more to the scene. Clearly it was not my best subject.

Art Brut & Alain Bourdonnais

Here are a couple pictures of a paper mache sculpture I made for my Outsider Art class. We had to create something in the style of an Art Brut artist and I chose Alain Bourdonnais. He creates giant puppet-like sculptures but I did a miniature because I didn't have the time or space to make a bigger one. He calls them 'Les Turbulents' and they usually look like normal animals.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Blastoise Head Model

These are close-up views of the head of the Blastoise I modeled. I used Maya and zBrush.

Blastoise Model

Here are some images of a CG model I did of a stylized Blastoise from Pokemon. I modeled the basic shapes of the character, shell and canons in Maya and then modeled the detail in zBrush.

Hard Surfaces and Organic Modeling

These are some CG models I did for my Hard Surfaces and Organic Modeling class. All were modeled in Maya.