Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Advanced Material & Lighting Final

This was my final project for my Advance Material & Lighting class. The assignment was to light the scene as if it was lit by candle light and apply textures to all the surfaces. I had a hard time using subsurface scattering for the candlesticks. I put a picture of Michael Jackson in the frame because his jacket matched my color scheme.

Background Design & Layout

I just posted some Photoshop matte paintings I did for one of my classes. We had to take photographs, enlarge the canvas and create more to the scene. Clearly it was not my best subject.

Art Brut & Alain Bourdonnais

Here are a couple pictures of a paper mache sculpture I made for my Outsider Art class. We had to create something in the style of an Art Brut artist and I chose Alain Bourdonnais. He creates giant puppet-like sculptures but I did a miniature because I didn't have the time or space to make a bigger one. He calls them 'Les Turbulents' and they usually look like normal animals.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Blastoise Head Model

These are close-up views of the head of the Blastoise I modeled. I used Maya and zBrush.

Blastoise Model

Here are some images of a CG model I did of a stylized Blastoise from Pokemon. I modeled the basic shapes of the character, shell and canons in Maya and then modeled the detail in zBrush.

Hard Surfaces and Organic Modeling

These are some CG models I did for my Hard Surfaces and Organic Modeling class. All were modeled in Maya.