Saturday, January 23, 2010

Logo Designs

Today I worked on my logo a little more. I modeled it in Maya and imported a rendered image into Illustrator so I could create a vector image of it.

(If you want to see how my logo was developed up to this point, check out THIS post.)

These are just a few ideas I came up with. So far I like #2 & #3 the best. I don't really like the look of the hatching and cross hatching I did in #4-6. I've got another idea of how to do the hatching and cross hatching that I think will turn out better. I also am not completely set on the colors yet.

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?


  1. Cool logo! One of my first logo ideas was kinda like that. I used Maya too because I was frustrated trying to figure out Illustrator.

    I like #2 best, but you might have to be careful what kind of background it is on. I like the colors too.

  2. I like #2. If you plan on using that, don't change the colors. They look fine to me.